We have derived the above
Innovative Policies through our 25 Years’ experience in the local security industry.

We ensure our clients a dedicated & value for money service that, not only improves on the Security of their assets, clients, personnel and profits, but additionally projects a superior image and seriousness of their business.

AVACOR is the reliable and expert partner to ensure the safety of your organization.
    • Security guards are ONLY chosen amongst the most experienced security guards available on the local market. We strive not to employ personnel with less than 2 years of continuous experience in security.

      Their individual CV’s may be forwarded to you prior to start of services and their posting at your site.
      As far as possible rotation of the security guards, if and when necessary, will only be made following mutual consultation and approval by the client of the choice of the replacement guards.
    • We do not practice mass security training. Our training programs are more customers oriented and reply to the specific needs and requirements of each client. Before each service, our personnel will have been fully made aware of all security duties and requirements pertaining to each post to be supervised at the client’s premises.
    • We are convinced that given the very sensitive nature and responsibilities attached to our trade, we need to remunerate our Personnel so that they receive a decent Salary, allowing for adequate living conditions.

      The net in the Pocket Salary offered by our Company is 28 % higher than the highest prescribed legal salary. Sick & Local Leaves are refunded IN TOTO on a monthly basis.

      Team Leaders and their assistants receive further additional Responsibility Allowances commensurate to the weight of their duty and responsibility.

    • We have adopted a new shift policy that reduces duty periods and gives better social life to our employees. Concurrently this new Shift Policy allows for enhanced productivity and alertness from our personnel, thus being beneficial to the client and all parties concerned.
    • Over and above physical supervision we have implemented an IT solution to remotely and individually supervise each Security Guard. This is being achieved through cellular telephony & satellite imagery. This technological breakthrough now enables unprecedented service standards and costs reductions...
    • Over and above our enhanced Salary Policy and the value added benefits offered to our Clients, our rates still compare favourably to what is offered by other comparable security service companies.