The cash boxes protect valuables during transport, on the pavement and after collection from retail stores.

Bulk lockers allows the transport of larger amounts of cash between banks, subsidiaries and bigger retail outlets.

Weaponry - Taurus model 85 38 special 2" Stainless steel revolvers.

The usage of adjustable pull up seal with a round metal strap prevents tampering. Being «tamper evident» these seals eliminate the possibility of malpractice by any person along the supply and collect chain for cash.

CASH IN TRANSIT (Armed Escort)

Along the supply and collect chain for cash, there are many risks - our main concerns are the ‘pavement risk’ and the ‘transport risk’.

To reduce these risks AVACOR provides efficient and highly secure cash collection and delivery services using the most advanced security and technological solutions, providing our customers with peace of mind.

Our Cash in Transit (CIT) crews are in constant radio and mobile telephone communication with the office throughout any operation. All employees are issued with a company photo identification card, and we provide a photo listing to each customer with both photographs and names of our authorised CIT personnel. This enables a cashier to check and compare both names and faces with the identification card.

All our vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking devices and are constantly monitored reducing the risks of robbery and hijacks.